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Environmental Choice New Zealand Environmental Choice is the official environmental label

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PO Box 56 533
Dominion Road, Mount Eden
Auckland 1446

Our Objectives at ECNV are:

  • Improve the quality of the environment by encouraging more sustainable processes through the design, production, marketing & use of products which have a reduced environment impact during their entire life cycle;
  • Offer a credible national and/or regional (e.g. Australasian) programme for environmental labelling;
  • Work towards compliance with recognised international programmes and principles; Foster and develop international relationships with relevant recognised international networks and other ecolabelling programmes/initiatives;
  • Establish mutual recognition agreements with other similar programmes;Work towards the harmonisation of national and/or international product specifications;
  • Provide a clear, credible and independent guide to help eco friendly consumers and businesses identify products and services that are less harmful to the environment;
  • Provide a market incentive to manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of environmentally preferable products and services;
  • Encourage manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to develop products and processes that are in compliance with published green product specifications;
  • Promote responsible procurement policies by central and local government, other organisations and business;
  • Establish and maintain strategic relationships with government, business and non government organisations which have common environmental and product performance interests