Charitable Donations

Good Choices aims to give back to the local New Zealand community by providing a facility to enable visitors and Members to donate to one of six Registered Charities nominated by the Foundation Partners.

Marketplace Checkout Donations

Customers purchasing products for sale online through the Marketplace will be offered the opportunity to add a Donation to their Cart Total whilst going through the Checkout.

Donation Gateways

As a Stage 2 development (anticipated in April-May 2016), it is hoped to build Donation Gateways for the six Registered Charities nominated by the Foundation Partners and other Registered Charities. The Donations Gateways will allow website visitors and members to make donations without requiring a purchase via the Marketplace.

This will also allow more Charities to gain exposure for their causes through communications with our membership, partners and all other site visitors.

Further details for this will be available on this page once the Foundation Partners have been secured, and thusly once we know which Charities will be involved.