Align your brand with Good Choices

Good Choices is a website dedicated to helping consumers feel good about the purchase decisions they make for themselves, their families and their communities. There’s a growing movement toward making better choices for products that are organic, sustainable, ethical, charitable and local.

Increasingly, consumers care more about supporting businesses whose values reflect the ethos that they wish to see in themselves and the world around them - businesses that have ethical and sustainable practises, or who actively create products and services that allow others to be more conscientious.

Good Choices will provide a directory of businesses and products, a library of information and up-to-date events, news and social media posts to help consumers make good choices. Online stores allow purchases online, with proceeds supporting charitable causes.

Good Choices is just that - a site that let’s consumers make good choices, so they can feel good about the buying decisions they make for their families and society as a whole.

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Perpetual Branding for your Business or Products | Perpetual

As a Foundation Partner, your brand/logo will maintain a presence on the footer of EVERY page within the website, with a link back to your own website. Plus we’ll display your brand/logo on the footer of all email newsletter communications, once more with links back to your website.

We’ll also profile your brand as part of our Good Choices Facebook cover photo, for all our followers to see.

Brand Exposure to Business Advertisers | Perpetual

We’ll add your logo/brand to the Good Choices Rate Card that will be sent out to potential and renewing advertisers on the site, so you’ll have exposure across like-minded businesses as well as consumers. In addition, you’ll be on the site during the advertiser sign-up process.

Five Unique Business Profiles| Two years

You'll be able to profile your products, services or marketing message with up to five (5) Business Profiles for two years, with targeted content and up to 20 keywords in each. As an advertiser, you'll have the ability to update the page content, including images, any time you like to suit your current marketing needs.

Business Profiles contain your contact details, logo/brand, up to 4 photos, up to 600 words of description regarding your product or service offering, and links to your website as well as your social media. You'll also be provided a contact form and optional map (if relevant). The descriptive text and links will aid the Search Engine Optimisation of your own website.

Direct Marketing to our Subscribers| Two years

Send email communications directly to our subscribers and members with up to four (4) dedicated newsletters. This newsletter will contain no other advertisers and can be used to deliver specific campaign material, promote a competition or simply reinforce your brand values.

We'll also provide you with opportunities to be included in Four (4) of our monthly newsletters to subscribers and members.

Monthly newsletters are shared with a maximum of six advertisers.

Front Page Feature Business Profiles| Two years

The Featured Business Profile provides the earliest opportunity on the website for visitors and members to view your business, these being higher than Feature Products and above the Banner advertising below. We'll give you up to six (6) Feature Business profiles per year which link through to your Business Profile. You can link to any of your Business Profiles, or vary these as required by your current strategies.

Banner Advertising Profile| Two years

Good Choices have elected to keep banner advertising on the website to a minimum to focus on the informative content itself. Monthly banner advertising is provided on rotation with other Foundation Partners and advertisers.

Three banner spaces will provide advertising on rotation with a maximum of three advertisers in each space, across at least 50% of website page views.

Social Media | Two years

We'll use the power of our Social Media followers to extend your reach through dedicated posts each month. Good Choices will be extremely active across Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Featured Competitions| Two years

Good Choices will be encouraging advertisers to promote themselves through competitions and each month one competition will be featured on the front page of the website. Foundation Partners may receive one Featured Competition per year, which will also be promoted through Social Media channels.

Support your Good Cause

As a Foundation Partner you'll have the exclusive right to select one of the six national Charities that Good Choices will be supporting. Each time a purchaser buys products from the website, they will be asked to contribute a nominal amount to one of the charities supplied by the Foundation Partners. Good Choices will then match their contribution dollar for dollar.

The Charities themselves will also be gifted a Business Profile for free, and both website visitors and members alike will be able to make one-off donations to them at any time via the Good Choices website Donations page.

Affordable for all Good Businesses

We're looking for Foundation Partners who want to make a lot of noise in a market that meets their brand values. For some businesses who operate below the 'corporate' threshold, a large upfront sum can be difficult to wrangle.

We understand several important factors about what we're offering;

  1. We're building visitors and membership up from a pre-existing site and it'll take time to reach the high levels we're aiming for. The Foundation Partners offer accounts for an increasing audience through its reduced rates.
  2. We need a level of certainty moving forward in order to implement the marketing tools and strategies that drive traffic to the site to promote membership and online purchases. As such, we're not so interested in obtaining a large sum up front as we are a commitment over time. With this in mind we've been able to spread payments over a two year period, which additionally reduces and offsets any risk factor.

Exclusivity within your Market

We understand that you need exclusivity within your market to maximise the impact that this great package will generate. As such, we guarantee that no other Foundation Partner will operate within your primary sector.

Ongoing Benefits

Near the close of the two year period, your Account Manager will contact you to discuss the best combination of Advertising options to suit your current needs moving forward. Foundation Partners will receive a 15% discount of rate card for the life of the website so you'll continue to receive benefits after the initial two year period has drawn to a close.

Your Investment as a Foundation Partner

The above items have a rate card value of $29,116 + GST, although there are some highlights above which are difficult to quantify.

As a Foundation Partner, we are offering the extensive package above for an initial payment of $4995 + GST, with 23 monthly installments of $495 + GST.

The total package of $16,380 + GST over two years represents rate card savings of over $12,736, or a massive 44% off rate card.


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