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Consumables that have been produced without the use of artificial chemicals and processes are deemed organic. Usually pertaining to food, organic products can also include personal, clothing and household supplies.

Extensive benefits can be gained by switching to an organic diet. Many symptoms of ill health and allergies are alleviated, flavours are enhanced and the impact on the environment is greatly reduced.

Organic goods sold in New Zealand must meet regulatory requirements, comply with the Fair Trading Act 1986 and labelling must adhere to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. Goods labelled ‘Organic’ must be able to demonstrate that they have indeed been produced organically and those that claim to be ‘certified organic’ must be backed up with a certificate.

Certified organic products have met a set of standards and have been verified by a certifying organisation such as AsureQuality and BioGro New Zealand Ltd.

Whether you've made the conscious decision to safeguard your family from contaminants, or simply want to grow your own fruit and vegetables, Good Choices will help you find what you need.


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