What Good Choices Represents

Our mantra is to provide the wider public with choices that differ to mainstream, in that they are better choices for a variety of reasons - organic, sustainable, ethical, charitable or local.

What we are NOT here to do: Judge.

We are not here to make judgements on your choices. Expressly, we are here to provide the choice - It's quite up to you what you then do with the information, the products or whether you utilise the services of a business that you find.

By way of example; There are people who would like to eat less meat, there are vegetarian, and there are vegans. Each of those are making decisions regarding their meat and/or animal product consumption and that's their choice. The extent to which Good Choices address lifestyle choices is to provide the information for informed decisions, and provide product options that are better than mass-produced 'supermarket' options which the mainstream consume. If you choose to eat animal products, we won't judge that - but we will provide organic and ethical options so the meat, diary and animal products you consume are at least better choices.